This site is dedicated to gathering news and information regarding outstanding warranty claims for Hudson H9 owners. Whether your firearm is in need of repair, or already in the process of it, we'd like to hear from you so that we can try to help you recover your property.

Update 5/23/2019 - will close on 6/30/2019 Permanently

Despite my best attempts to find a home for the lawsuit, the following are the current truths of the situation:

1.) Hudson Mfg. is in bankruptcy proceedings. All assets and liabiltiies have to be handled by the courts and by the trustee. I have several first hand accounts of persons filing with the trustee to get their firearms back after having sent them in, only to have that request denied by the court.

2.) OEM parts suppliers are hitting the market with parts at this time. Hopefully you can find what you need through those venues. Optionally, you can acquire a second firearm and use it for parts.

3.) You should file a consumer claim with the Texas AG as an H9 owner.

4.) I have been unsuccessful in finding a home for the lawsuit. As the old saying goes, "You can't get blood from a stone." Hudson has no assets (they were leasing the space, their machinery, etc) and $11M+ in liabilities. There's no money for a law firm to go after if they were to work on percentage (meaning they'd bill their legal fees to the Hudsons if the case was won). All of the firms that I spoke with wanted $10k+ to be on retainer to get started, and every H9 owner I spoke with on the matter was unwilling to throw more bad money at this situation.

I'd recommend you contact the ATF field office in Dallas and file your H9 as missing/lost and to also contact your insurance company if you're so inclined. I wish I had been able to do more for this situation but that's not how this played out. On 6/30/2019 all user data, submissions, forms, emails, registrations, user names and passwords will be deleted. The website will no longer be hosted. Best of luck to all of you. Let's hope that the secondary market and some good gunsmiths can get yours (and my) H9 running again.

Update 3/18/2019 - Hudons Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Firearm Blog has released an article (link below) reporting on information I received late last night, that Hudson, Mfg. is in fact dead. They filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in federal court. For those of you that don't know, Chapter 7 is filed to liquidate assets to pay off creditors. It is not a restructuring effort. It is a death of a company.

In my efforts to obtain counsel,I have thus far been unsuccessful. This was never about money, only return of property and repair of firearms. That said, the class is small (based on sales numbers), and of those firearms sold, an even smaller portion of those of us that supported Hudson had issues. Even smaller still were the number of persons that sent their firearms in for repair only to never receive them back. From a class action perspective (and that of the law firms I have spoken with over the last 6 weeks) there's simply no way to get blood form a stone. They're $50M in the hole. There's no way for any attorney that would want to take this on to expect a dime for their effort.

I don't know what this means for everyone that did send firearms in, but I have reason to believe that they will eventually be returned (via the ATF) once the site is inventoried and scrubbed for bankruptcy prep. Anyone with affected or broken firearms (such as myself) are left with few options, basically boiling down to "Would you like to own a paperweight, sell for parts value, or acquire someone else's broken pistol as a parts spare?" This was not the end that I was hoping for. I'll keep this site up for some time to come, just in case someone decides to start making parts for us poor souls.

Here's the link to the latest Firearm Blog article wherein it's mentioned that I have not yet responded to a request to comment. The reason there is simple. I was not asked for one. TFB Article

Update 2/6/2019 - Contact with law firms

The last two weeks I have been contacting law firms in Texas to try to find someone that will advise and potentially file a class action lawsuit for a percentage of the potential settlement. I've provided the details to 4 class action firms but so far have only heard back from one at this point and the response wasn't the one I was hoping for. Please see below for the reponse. I'd continue to urge you to file with the Texas Attorney General's office as a Consumer Complaint using the link below.

"Thank you for contacting [redacted] Firm regarding your potential lawsuit. Unfortunately, based upon our evaluation of the information available to us, [redacted] has decided to decline your request for representation. This does not mean that your case necessarily lacks merit. Another attorney may reach a different conclusion based on the same information and could succeed in establishing a claim against the responsible party. We urge you to seek the advice of other attorneys in this regard. Please keep in mind that the statute of limitations will bar your claim for damages unless a formal lawsuit is brought within a given period of time. Therefore, we strongly urge you to contact another attorney immediately if you wish to pursue your claim. We are sorry that we could not assist you. Nevertheless, we thank you for contacting us and we hope that we may be of service to you in the future."

Update 1/25/2019 - The last few days have been very busy!

Between the articles from TFB and Recoil on the matter (big thanks to TFB for the mention by the way, links below) the traffic here to the site has been up and so have the submissions. I have reached out to several class action law firms and am working with them to determine an appropriate course of action for all of us.

TFB Article

Recoil Article

In the meantime I'd highly suggest that everyone file their own complaints with the Texas Attorney General's Office. I have provided the direct link to the submission form below as well as the information that you will need to complete the form when you get to the page asking for Hudsons information. These are in the order of the fields that are required to be filled out on the submission page. You will need to know your purchase date, purchase amount and provide them with your contact info.

Texas Attorney General's Office Consumer Complaint Form

Hudson Manufacturing

10986 NW H K Dodgen Loop


Bell County



(254) 791-5220

Update 1/23/2019 - Here's a timeline of what I do know to have transpired:

June 2018 - HR-D slide announced. Hudson, Mfg. intended for it to be manufactured at Hudson’s facilities, not outsourced. The supplier of the original slides thought they were going to also make the HR-D slides. When the supplier found for the H9 found out that they were not going to be making the new HR-D or H9A slides they cut ties with Hudson Mfg. and began focusing on tooling up for other projects from other customers. This left Hudson Mfg. with no new slides coming in to meet production. Around roughly the same time grip modules were being made by another supplier and due to tolerance stacking the firearms were not functional. Several from this batch made it out to distributors and into customer hands, which resulted in warranty repair claims. After it was discovered that there were issues, units stopped shipping. Hudson Mfg. continued to place orders for grips with no design revisions. Warranty repairs were coming in as more inoperable grip modules were being delivered from the parts supplier.

September 2018 - By this time there are no parts left to do repairs. Warranty repairs were cannibalized from any source they could acquire parts from, including personal firearms of employees. Slide producer was no longer delivering slides for new firearms. Grip maker was producing grips with tolerance stacking issues. Over $1M in PO’s sat unfulfilled due to supply issues. Hudson Mfg. started looking for a buyer or investors based on outstanding POs but no one would assist due to it being a firearms related business.

Hudson Mfg. had considered licensing the H9 design to resolve cash flow issues with someone else handling the manufacturing processes but up until last known of the situation, has not been successful in this endeavor. Everyone in manufacturing was laid off back in September. The person that answered the emails and the voicemails has long since been released.

At the end Hudson went for several months unable to fulfill their PO’s in hand, no inventory, no one left in manufacturing, a pile of warranty returns and no parts with which to fix them and also no one to do the work. The facility has been empty for some time. Their booth at SHOT Show 2019 was paid for in advance and they didn’t appear in that booth this week.

Roughly 8-9000 H9’s were ever made. Hudson operated on a no-inventory model (on hand), so there’s nothing left of production guns at the factory. 300 threaded barrels were made. These have all sold. 100 HR-D slides were made and as of the end of September roughly 1/3rd of them had sold. There are only 4 prototypes of the H9A in existence. The HR-D slide is a modified H9A slide design.

1/23/2019: Posthumous RIP for Hudson, Mfg. You will be missed.

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